What you missed today


A short but mildly taxing pedal around the Capital City Trail brought my housemates and I to the very lovely Dights Falls on the Yarra River. I was surprised by some of the hills on the ride. Some of the ascents are quite sharp and there are quite a few long slow ones as well. From what I can tell, the Capital City Trail is actually quite long so I think it’ll be worth investigating more thoroughly. But I should’ve known it would be hilly because Kew Boulevard (actually Yarra Boulevard) is the border of the park.

Black Rock this morning was stunning. Perfect riding weather. The sun was out, the temperature was low and there was the tiniest breeze keeping things cool. And, well, it gave me time to come up with a plan that gets me my new bike when I get back from America instead having to wait until the middle of May.

Days like today make the hard days worthwhile.

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