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Tree project

Week eleven

Funny who you see at Mordi…

Cadel Evans that’s who!

Yup, I meet Cadel Evans on the weekend at the turnaround point at Mordialloc. He was most gracious with the attention he was garnering, although there weren’t a huge amount of people hanging about at that time – it was about 10am when he turned up. I had to be talked into it but I did go over to say hello and have a photo taken. Except my friend who I was riding with got all starstruck and hit the wrong button on his phone and turned the camera off instead of taking the photo. So no photo for me. And this was after he talked me into going over.

I did take a photo of his bike as it had a custom paint job so there’s some proof I really did see him (even though you can’t really tell cos it’s just a bike and a pair of legs – but they are legs with the rainbow bands on the socks).

Tree project

Week ten

Today has been so gorgeous. Hopefully tomorrow is just as nice.

I’m making my way through Batman: the animated series and I have to say Pamela Isely/Poison Ivy is really disturbing. There’s something very creepy about a person (even an animated one) who hugs a plant and calls it her baby. Way creepy!!

I’ve also just read the last issue of Batman and Robin that I have and it didn’t make any sense. But it is Grant Morrison so what was I expecting. I’m very meh about the Batman titles at the moment. Mostly I’m finding them really obtuse and I’m struggling to follow the storylines. Kinda disappointing when it was Batman who got me into comics in the first place.

Tree project

Week nine

Go Gerro!

Simon Gerrans rocked up to the St Kilda Cycling Club crits today. He’s just returned to training after a break and wanted to spin his legs. For most of the race he sat towards the back of the pack but we all know he could’ve won if he wanted to.

He had the decency to look right at me with a small smile on his face before the race started.

I rolled another 80kms this weekend. To Mordi and back. When I got to the turnaround point at Mordi, it was very tempting to lie down on the grass and have a nap. It’s so nice to be out riding when the weather is good.

80kms is good but I have to get some more K’s in my legs otherwise Scotty’s Ride isn’t going to be possible for me. I’m kinda wondering if I should reassess my idea and try for a shorter ride, like the 120km version of Amy’s Ride. But that defeats the purpose of setting myself a challenge.

Tree project

Week eight

It gets better

Cos you know, sometimes it’s hard to remember that it does get better when we’re down in the dark places.