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Got the wobbles

In the last two days, I’ve nearly fallen off my bike twice. Yup, I’ve got the wobbles big time.

Last night, I misjudged what the traffic was doing and only saved myself an undignified tumble by grabbing the nearest parked car. I remember hoping to god at the time that there was no car alarm installed or if there was that it wasn’t a super sensitive one. Then I had the problem of not being able to get my foot out of the pedal and looking like a total git.

Today, I decided I should at least have a go at unclipping my right foot instead of my preferred left foot. Bad idea, really bad idea. It was fine while I was stationary and waiting for the lights to change but as soon as I had to ride – total disaster. I just couldn’t get my foot back in and I couldn’t even get my foot in the right position to pedal not clipped in so I was wobbling all over the road making a total nuisance of myself. Not a good start to the day.

That fall I’m going to have? I’m sure it’ll be happening some time soon.


I’m going to Sydney for Supanova. Look out Mr Sale!! 😉


I haven’t organised accommodation yet but I’m going. And I’m sure I’ll promptly get lost. Maybe I should enable the GPS function on my phone.

I’m looking forward to seeing Tim and hopefully getting to hang out with him. I’m going on my own so I’ll probably end up perched behind his table if I don’t get told off by someone official. Right now I’m trying to work out how much stuff I can take as carry-on luggage. I want to take my camera and my laptop but I need my backpack as well. D’oh! Maybe I’ll just have to wear the same clothes for three days. Ewwwww!!

Regardless, it’s going to be fun. Once again spending money I shouldn’t be but it’ll all work out in the end. Plus, fingers crossed I finally get my mits on the Batman page I bought at the start of the year.

The love affair with Lisa continues unabated. I’m just so totally loving the ride to and from work these days. I think I’m getting better with the shoes. I did give myself a moment this morning when I realised I need to stop but haven’t clipped out. Every day I don’t fall over is a bonus. My whole attitude is one of it’s going to happen so I might as well just get on with the riding and not be shocked when it happens. I’ve decided that STI gearing is one of the best inventions ever. I love it.