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Soooo, Miss J is seven

What to say? Juno is now seven years old. It feels like it was just yesterday that we were rushing around, organising her sixth birthday party in the local park.

The past 365 days have gone by in quite the blur, between Juno starting school to multiple lockdowns and us struggling to combine home-schooling with work. (But at least now we know that real home-schooling is absolutely not and never will be an option for us.) Juno did do okay in her first year of school. She really enjoys going, which I personally think is half the battle. She’s making progress – better at maths than reading and writing but baby steps…

It’s amazing to observe the changes Juno is going through. At first it was all about the physical changes but we noticed in the last year that they’ve slowed right down and the bulk of change is personality/emotional. She was already very definitely her own person but it’s remarkable to watch a person take shape and to start fully-fleshing out. And the changes can be so rapid, it’s just that we can’t physically see them.

So, anyhoo… it’s Juno’s birthday today. Seven years since she came into the world. Happy birthday bubba boo.