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Tree project

Week nineteen

Tree project

Week eighteen

How to destroy angels

Yay! Mr Reznor has a new project – How to Destroy Angels.

Trent is working with his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, who just happens to have a gorgeous singing voice and Atticus Ross, with whom he just won a Golden Globe for best original score for The Social Network. The video for The Space in Between is creepy, beautiful and utterly captivating.

Already wondering when a full-length album is due.

I’m just really glad Trent is still with us as he is one of the most creative, original musicians alive. I think the world would be extremely dull if he wasn’t around so I’m glad he’s managed to get off the drugs and alcohol. He’s one of the few musicians around who’s still producing something unique which shows others that you don’t have to do the disposable, vacuous crap that’s passed off as modern music. And kudos to him for taking on the big music labels at their own game.

Tree project

Week seventeen

Tree project

Week sixteen

Perhaps it’s time I did a time-lapse thing…

Nah, I’m gonna lie on my couch and watch Batman: Under the Red Hood again. Best of the DC animated movies thus far. I’m trying to remind myself why I’m getting the Batman comics when the return of Bruce Wayne storyline was so crap. Grant Morrison really needs someone to say no to him on occasion. And an editor. The one shots were pretty good though – probably because Morrison didn’t write them.

Bought myself a present

Unpublished page from Fears and Mr Sale is going to ink it for me 🙂

Well, I say bought but what I mean is put on lay-by (layaway) so I can pay it off over time. Then it’ll go to Tim who will turn it into yet another masterpiece – not that it isn’t already one.

I was right

120km really was a lot further than I thought it would be. But I had a great ride!

I was hoping to do it in 4.5 – 5 hours and my time ended up being 5hrs, 5mins and 18 seconds. A little over but still pretty damn close. It was a huge effort. I feel like I’ve achieved something but I’m not sure exactly what. I have to say that by the end I was spending a bit of time out of the saddle as my butt was starting to hurt quite a bit.

The Bellarine Peninsula is stunningly beautiful. At once point we were riding along and the ocean was about 20 feet away and perfectly still. It was so gorgeous.

The ride was a bit hillier than I expected but it also gave me proof that my climbing has come along in leaps and bounds. The hill I struggled on last year was easier (still not a cruise because it is an short, sharp climb) but it didn’t feel anywhere near as much of a trial as last year. There were a few long, slow climbs that I didn’t even notice. The road surface was a bit crap but there’s not much you can do about it. As we were heading into Queenscliff, I developed huge cravings for a sandwich so we had a break and ate something that wasn’t an energy bar. The cafe we stopped at even had my favourite juice.

It was a different ride from last year. Apart from being longer, I was much fitter and better prepared. I did a lot more of the lead work and supported my riding buddy through to the end. Last year it was the other way around. It’s really satisfying to see how much I’ve improved. I’m stronger and fitter then I thought was. It hard to judge my progress when I don’t have anything to measure it against and don’t really set myself challenges. Perhaps I should.

Anyhoo… it was a great day out on the bike.

Tree project

Week fifteen

Spent a rather pleasant day today hanging out with my brother and his partner who’s about two weeks away from giving birth to their first child which is hugely exciting. I headed over so that my brother could swap over the Cannondale’s rear derailleur for a new Ultegra one in the hope it’d mesh better with the cassette and shifters. It’s not 100% as the shifters are 105s but it’s better than before. I think the next purchase will be new shifters (and probably a new front derailleur to complete the groupset upgrade).

Nearly fell off my bike trying to ride without cletes! I didn’t realise how used to them I’ve become. My balance felt totally off and I really struggled to work out where to put my feet. Plus I wasn’t helped by the fact that I had my runners on and they would touch the cranks with each rotation because the heels on them are quite bulky and poke out. Still, managed to save myself from a tumble which is good. Next time I’m taking my shoes!!

Tomorrow is Amy’s Ride. 120kms. Suddenly it seems like a really long way when before it didn’t. I’m hoping to do it in 4.5 – 5 hours. I’m pretty certain there will be some significant napping on the couch once I finally get home. At least the weather is meant to be okay with only some mild drizzle mentioned on the BOM website. Wish me luck!!