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Really pleased with this shot


One tweak in Lightroom and here it is. Shot out of the front of a bike shop in Clifton Hill.

Happy snaps

A select few…

Tim and I with my It’s not a toy piece freshly inked.

Kelly and I. Kelly was one of the people I really wanted to me so this photo is special to me.

Kate and Trina.

Steve and Haley. Two of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever meet. I’m missing them both terribly.

Steve, Lisa and Rich.

And finally…

Tim Sale and Matt Wagner.

The rest of the photos can be found on Tim’s forum. I have no group shots because I was actually in them and I can’t just hand my camera over to someone because it’s not a point and shoot. Probably should’ve taken a point and shoot with me. Oh well. Other people took group shots so I’ll be collecting them at some point.

I’ve also added three new pieces to my RedBubble folio
1. Master at work
2. Work in progress
3. Lincoln

Post trip blues

I managed to scan two more of my pieces last night so they’re finally up in my CAF gallery.


Coming back to work hasn’t be a world of fun. I didn’t realise how badly I needed a break from it all. It’d been nearly two years since I’d taken a proper break that wasn’t just a few days. Of course now I’m left wondering what to do next as the thing I’ve been planning for and thinking about for the last fifteen months has happened. What do I do now? It kinda feels like I really don’t have anything to look forward to and be excited about. Plus I’m really missing all my peeps.

Perhaps it’s time to start planning for the next trip.

Photos with famous people

Well-known at least. By some…

Me with Dawryn Cooke

That Matt Wagner. He’s a crazy man. (Tim Sale, me and the crazy Matt Wagner)

See, Matt can be normal when he wants to be.

Scanning session

I bought a Canon multi-function unit so now I can print and more importantly, scan with my laptop. This morning there was a long scanning session going on. There’s four pieces that I haven’t scanned because they’re too big for my little A4 scanner.

My comic art fan gallery.

Special mention must be made of a few pieces:
1. Barry Kitson – Daredevil
2. Matt Wagner – Green Arrow
3. Matt Wagner – pencil prelim for a cover of The Spectre
4. Dean Trippe – Doctor Who
5. Darwyn Cooke – Selina Kyle
6. Kelly Tindall – Catwoman

last but definitely not least

7. Tim Sale – It’s not a toy

I have a few photos I want to work on but that’s for tomorrow.


Well, I’m home.

Yup… home. Sigh. I think I have either post-holiday blues or I’m just really fatigued. Contemplating buying a scanner today so I can scan all the pieces I picked up.

I did manage to get some sleep on the plane. The seat next to me was empty so I ended up using it to help me stretch out. I got about six hours of reasonable sleep which is pretty damn good considering my track record. We didn’t board until after midnight even though the flight was supposed to leave at 11.40. Yay for flat batteries. Unlike the trip out, there were crying kids on this flight and I can see why it drives some people crazy. My taxi driver didn’t pay attention to me when I said I wanted to go to Bell St and he nearly drove straight past the exit. Gah!

Anyhoo… I’m home. I’m doing a load of washing. Fresh, clean clothes were a treat to put on.