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I done broke it

I never realised how attached I am to my car until I smacked it into someone else’s.


I mean, it’s just a car right? It’s little, girly, get me from A to B sort of car. But I am utterly crushed. I’ve had it for six years now and it’s been an awesome little car. It’s easy to drive, easy to park and not too expensive to run. It’s also the only asset I actually own.


I was leaving my parents’ place after spending the weekend there and I rear-ended someone. I don’t even have the small salve of having it be someone else’s fault. It was totally my fault. I was at the lights waiting for the lights to change and I looked away for a second but I must’ve eased my foot of the clutch and the next thing I know – WHAM!! Lots of crunching noises and my car is definitely worse for wear. The car I hit came out of it with a few scratches while mine looks devastated.

It’s totally my fault though. I should’ve either not glanced away or left my foot on the clutch. I think my brain went: “Hey, the light is gree…. Ooohh… what’s that over there?” but the message had already been sent to my feet to ease off the clutch and push the accelerator. Mostly, I just feel so freaken stupid it’s not funny. What a dumb-arse thing to do. At least the impact wasn’t hard enough to deploy my airbag as a broken nose and two black eyes wouldn’t have improved things. So yes, now I have the fun job of making a claim with my insurance company. That’ll be interesting.

I’ve never hit any one before, I’ve been in several accidents (nothing major) but this is the first time I’ve caused one. What shocks me the most is how quickly it happened. I really only glanced away for a second but that suggests I’d stopped too close to the car in front. See, totally my fault. However, I must admit I’m more than a little cranky with the first car who simply didn’t move when the lights changed – so I’m blaming them just a little bit.

It’s drivable but I opted to leave it at my parents’ place as a two hour drive didn’t exactly thrill me. I managed to crumple the bonnet and demolish the front grill whilst pushing it back into the radiator. The radiator isn’t leaking but it definitely looks bent. You can’t see it in the photo but the strut on the left that comes out of the Hyundai logo has been snapped clean through. Yeah, nothing half-arsed about my efforts!!

Is it just me?

Or does anyone else find public transport in Melbourne a really hostile these days?

I caught the train to work yesterday morning as the weather was doing its unpredictable thing. Bad, bad choice. I was in a filthy mood for the whole day.

It didn’t start well. The train was late, which meant it was packed but there was a 15 minute gap to the next one so I had to get on. Joy! At the next station there was a woman on a mission to get on the train at the very door I was squashed against, even though it was patently obvious no one else could really fit. But she barged on in anyway and nearly knocked me over with her enormous handbag. But I really shouldn’t have been worried about falling over because we were jammed in so tight, I wouldn’t have fallen very far.

When I finally got to work, I was so angry I was ready to pop. I got asked if I would’ve preferred to have ridden in the rain and I emphatically answered yes! (I think I nearly shouted it.)

The train ride in certainly didn’t help my mood but I was stunned by the rudeness of the woman who nearly knocked me over. She really didn’t care about anyone else on the train. She was getting on and that was that. Sometimes I wonder if people have gotten ruder these days or if I’m less tolerant of crap like that. An apologetic smile would’ve made all the difference but she acted like it was her right to be rude and pushy because she obviously had somewhere important to be.

I don’t know… There was such an unhappy feeling on the train. It felt oppressive and gloomy. I’ve never really paid attention to that sort of thing on a train before but it felt like every single passenger wanted to be somewhere else. It tainted my mood for the rest of the day. Lots of little things went wrong and I wasn’t at all happy.

So, no more trains for me. I’m too worried I’ll snap and get into a stoush with someone which will lead to me getting my arse kicked. The weather is worse today but I just don’t care. I’d rather crawl along on my bike, being hammered by the wind and overtaken by pedestrians than have to put up with all that hostility.

Hey, I recognise that photo!


I probably shouldn’t be making a big deal of it but it’s nice to have someone say they think I take a decent photo, even if it is just for a day.


I found out yesterday I’ve been selected as “the artist of the day” by the online gallery I joined. On August 11, I’ll be the featured artist on Photographic Art Gallery’s blog, facebook, myspace, twitter and forum.

It would’ve been nice if I’d been selected on August 25 because that’s my birthday but this is like an early birthday present.