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Hoorah :)

The mini-moo cards came out brilliantly and I didn’t mess up the text on the back. Booyah! Man of steel is my favourite I think, followed by Haunted Knight and The Long Halloween. Now all I have to do is make myself give them out when I’m in Baltimore. I’m going to keep a few for myself as well.

Also, there’s a suitcase in my bedroom that’s just waiting to be filled.

A moment of insanity?

An idea is stuck in my head of once again venturing back to uni. I got curious and checked out what courses Open Universities offered and I found a Communications degree that offers a journalism major. Now the idea is stuck in my head and I’m seriously contemplating whether or not to enrol. The timing is wrong for session three (running from Sept 1 – Nov 28) but session four could be a goer to start it as it’s over summer.

I’m crazy.

I told myself after finishing my multimedia degree that I would never ever go back to school. However, right now I feel a really strong desire to re-skill. I don’t want to do IT support for the rest of my life but it’s really hard to get a decent job these days unless you have either a university degree or loads of skills. I was interested in journalism when I was still at high school and wanted to study it at uni but I was heavily discouraged from pursuing it (in other words, everyone told me I was crap and wouldn’t be able to hack it). I’ve always wanted to be a writer but I don’t feel I have the imagination for it. Writing for a newspaper really appeals because I’d get to write but it’d be factual so I wouldn’t feel pressured to come up with something.

If I did a degree through Open Universities, I could still work. It’s all online learning, which would really suit me. I’m also entitled to FEE-HELP so I could defer the fees (and accrue an even larger education debt).

Can I afford it? Do I really want to commit to something like this? How big a change do I want to make? Do I really want to put myself through the pressure of studying again? Am I having a mid 30s crisis?

I don’t have to rush to decide. Enrolment for session four doesn’t close until November 14 and by then I could’ve decided this is a crazy idea and I was mad to even contemplate it.

I have travel insurance

I finally got my travel insurance. Yay me. Now people can stop asking me about it.

And seeing I’ve decided I’m taking my laptop, I have a sexy new Crumpler laptop bag. I checked out sleeves and they cost around $60. So I decided to spent an extra $20 and got a “Reginald Transfer” with handles and a shoulder strap. It fits my laptop perfectly and I went the green even though I have a red backpack and suitcase. Going to clash horribly!

Only one month and two weeks until I get to use it for the purpose it was bought for. Hoorah!

Oh… and I got some more mini-moo cards featuring five of my Long Halloween action figure photos and five of my Trinity action figure photos. Fingers crossed they come out okay and I got everything on the back of the card right.

Things to get for my trip

1. Travel insurance.
2. Power plug adaptor.
3. Sleeve for laptop. I’ve decided I am going to take it with me.
4. A few packets of TimTams. Those yanks are going to learn how to suck milk/coffee/alcohol of choice through a timtam!
5. Vegemite. If I’m having toast, I’m going to want vegemite.
6. A variety of lollies, chocolates and sweet things to give away.
7. Chocolate coated macadamia nuts.
8. Some new moo mini-cards featuring my action figure photos. Might actually drum up some sales.
9. Sketchpad.
10. Presents for my generous hosts (still working on exactly what they’ll be).
11. Bigger memory card for camera.