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72 months later…

It’s still kinda strange to think that this time six years ago, I was in hospital having just had a baby (which is why this was published at 5:14pm – the time Juno came into the world).

Juno is now a school girl. She started prep this year and it’s been an experience to say the least. Big changes for us all. We think Juno quite likes it but she doesn’t talk about it much. She’s much more keen to talk about after-school care, which she really enjoys – probably because it’s just like childcare and she’s free to play as much as she likes. Plus, they give her food which she’s rather keen on. (We’ve learnt to give her less food at dinner when she’s been to after-school care.)

We’re guessing she’s going along okay at school. We haven’t been called in for any chats or anything so she’s not acting out or anything. Not that Juno was ever one to act out. She has her moments but on the whole, she’s a pretty calm child. I don’t think she’s formed any close friendships as yet but she had a pretty good turn out at her birthday party in the park. I guess my experiences at school (pretty much all bad) make me want for her to have the opposite one.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem to bother her much. If she wants to play with some of the other girls, she does. But she’s also content to do her own thing too, which I think it’s a really valuable skill to have. Having confidence to do your thing from a young age is a good thing to have.

We keep thinking we should sign her up for dance classes because she loves to dance but we both wonder how that would actually go. She loves making up her own little dance routines and I’m not sure she’d appreciate being told what to do. She’s very definite about what she wants to do. Sending her to dance classes might not be the best option as we don’t want anything to squash that individualism she has, which is pretty awesome.

So, yeah… Juno is six. Happy birthday bubba boo.

Juno’s please face. (Yes, it’s a Bluey reference.)

Butter wouldn’t melt…