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First ride tomorrow

I’m nervous.

On the way up, I passed an Audi with two bikes on the roof so no guesses as to where they were heading. I don’t have a roof rack so Lisa propped up on the back seat of my car with her seatbelts on. No way I was taking the risk of getting speared in the head by a bike fork if I had to stop suddenly.

But of course me being me, I just had to ride over a nail on my way home from work and got it firmly wedged in my back tyre. I couldn’t work out what it was at first but I soon realised once I started to work it free and the too familiar hissing of air escaping started. Sigh. But maybe I should think about it as preemptive and tomorrow I won’t have any problems at all. I also managed to get all the way to Bell St before realising I’d left my laptop behind along with my ride bib that I’d specifically put in my laptop bag because I thought I wouldn’t forget it. D’oh! At least it was only Bell St and I could turn around.

This time tomorrow, I’ll have a story to tell.