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52 weeks


52 weeks, my latest effort to do something creative.

My phone (HTC Desire HD) has a nifty retro camera app made by Urbian, Inc, which I downloaded for free from the Android marketplace. Like the title of the journal entry says, I’m going to attempt to post a photo that I’ve taken with my phone on deviantART each week til I hit week 52. Here’s hoping I can stick to it!!

The cameras in the app are (taken from Urbian’s website):

  • The Bärbl – An East German classic, naturally faded with a scratched film and medium vignetting, the perfect all-round choice.
  • The Little Orange Box – The Soviet Staple with aggressive cross processing and scratched square film. It’s crappy plastic lens leaks in light and exhibits strong vignetting. Black and white option for even more emotion.
  • Xolaroid 2000 – Its inspiration is obvious! We love the candid snapshots this camera produces – you simply can’t fail, every shot is a keeper. Blue/green cross processing effects and timeless contrast. Black and white option for that classic touch.
  • The Pinhole Camera – A DIY gem and more unpredictable than Schrödinger’s cat. Full bleed developing and vignetting through the roof, be sure to give this cardboard chimera a go.
  • The FudgeCan – The perfect rig for outdoors; developed on square film that wasn’t quite stored… or developed right. But therein lies the charm that’ll make your pics with this beauty, memorable and instantly nostalgic.

There are photos from today’s ride

Today I shall wear blue! Waiting at the starting line for the 54km ride.

And we’re off! See you in two and a half hours.

The ride went past my parents’ house with about 2.5kms to go so my dad was waiting out of the front for when I trundled by.

My whole body language in this photo is “Are we there yet?”

My brother and his girlfriend were waiting for me to finish which was extremely nice of them.

He tried to get a photo of me crossing the line but I got too far ahead so there’s no photo. Oh well.

Carol and I rode the second half of the ride together.

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Vote for me? Please? Pretty please?

I’ve entered two of my photos in a competition that just happens to have a people’s choice award. So, wanna vote for me?


You absolutely don’t have to sign up to vote. All you do is give my photos a rating (five stars would be nice) and write a comment if you want. The photo with the most rating and comments wins. My photos are on page 29 at the moment. Annoyingly enough, I can’t link directly to my photos, you have to go the gallery.

Here’s a handy pic to point out which ones they are… (Anyone would think have too much time on my hands.)

So, vote for me? Please? Please? Pretty please with cherries on top?

Hey, I recognise that photo!


I probably shouldn’t be making a big deal of it but it’s nice to have someone say they think I take a decent photo, even if it is just for a day.


I found out yesterday I’ve been selected as “the artist of the day” by the online gallery I joined. On August 11, I’ll be the featured artist on Photographic Art Gallery’s blog, facebook, myspace, twitter and forum.

It would’ve been nice if I’d been selected on August 25 because that’s my birthday but this is like an early birthday present.

Just experimenting…

My dad has been an avid photographer for a very long time now. He’s still got his film SLRs and he used to have a dark room. I used to think it was normal to have a packet of Ilford paper and rolls of films in the fridge and was always really surprised when other people didn’t. In March, he bought an adapter ring for his DSLR so he could use his sigma lenses.

Guess who got to play?

The results were… interesting (meaning bad!) but I really enjoyed manually adjusting the lens. Okay, so nine times out of the ten I ended up focusing on totally the wrong thing but it was fun anyway.

Focusing the the back of the pot instead of the little one inside.

Look how sharp the leaves are! Pity they’re at the back of the photo.

Hooray! I got it right!

My dad’s super cool light meter that we couldn’t figure out how to use. He says he has the instructions for it somewhere.

It’s my hallmark moment.

How lovely is this camera? My dad’s still in working order Olympus OM2. Apparently it was the camera of choice for photo journalists for quite a long time. It felt super-nice in my hands but there was no film for it (and I’m really not ready for that anyway). Several of the photos were taken with its lens.

A mixed bag of photographs

I used to have quite a few journal entries on my old photography folio so I figured I’d put them up here seeing I’ve quit the old place. The majority of these are street candids – a form of photography I find particularly challenging.

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Moving on to new, perhaps greener pastures

For awhile now I’ve not been feeling the love for my online art gallery/community. Some things happened recently which have encouraged me to move on. So I have. To another Australian-run online gallery.

Me on Ph.Art Gallery

(And yes, the name is deliberate and you are supposed to have a chuckle at it.)

It doesn’t have some of the features of the old place and it is solely about photography but I think that’ll be good. You have to submit photos to the public gallery which is a new things for me but it’s good because it means I’m meeting their standards. And that’s encouraging. I did wonder what to do about my written pieces but I have a deviantArt profile. I experimented last night to see how hard it’d be to add written pieces to it and it’s dead easy! So that’s that sorted.

In the end, I felt like I simply didn’t belong. I used to get a lot of encouragement from the more experienced photographers but there seems to be a general lack of community feeling there these days. The forums which used to be fun now seemed to full of people more interested in attacking each other than having a sensible discussion. Who needs that in their lives?

So, new hopefully greener pastures. It’ll be all good. I have some work to do though – posts to update. Lots of dead links now to photos that have been hidden.

Kill your television


She said, she said
‘You don’t know shit,
because you’ve never been there’
She turned upon him,
took him by the hair
spun him round about,
laughing as he fell about,
sat down for a drink
in her father’s favourite chair.
Kill your television

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

I’m flying to Perth tomorrow after work. I going to a conference on Tuesday in Fremantle. It’ll be my first time in Western Australia. I kept forgetting it’s this week. I’ve only been back a week and a bit and I’m already getting on a plane again. The idea of more airline food is not thrilling me. Still, Perth! And I’m not paying.

Also, it appears I’m going to New Zealand in September with three friends on a skiing trip. I have to to check dates at work but I’ve been told I’m going. Uh… okay. Always wanted to go to New Zealand. The fact I don’t know how to ski and have never been skiing in my life appears to be a moot point. I don’t have all the details yet. Maybe a lesson or two is included in the price. Hope so! But the really scary thing? It’s cheaper to go skiing in NZ then in my own state, let alone my own country.