Thursday – Pixar Animation Studio

Yup, you read right. I got to visit Pixar. Squeee!!

I was invited by Anthony Christov, who teaches some classes at CCA and just happened to be the Art Director (sets) for Wall-e. Intially, it was for a visit on Friday but of course that wasn’t possible so Steve and Erica wrangled it for Thursday. I didn’t get to see too much as much of the place is a closed set as they’re still working on Toy Story 3 but I did get to peek into the dailies room and their theatre. We had to be super quiet when we peeked into the theatre as a video link to a recording studio was in process, meaning scoring for something was going on.

Down one hallway, a bunch of art had been hung from Up! which was amazing to look at. All the character development, texture work and marquettes. Just magic! It would’ve been great to see animators at work but it was a privilege simply to be there.

The building itself is quite remarkable. The main foyer is enormous which adds to a sensation of openness and space. The cafe is located there and we were there right on lunchtime so the place was humming with conversation. Mostly it just made me wish I was a much more talented artist so I could work in a place like that. The atmosphere of the place was one of a great place to work.

I think I look awful in these photos but I’m putting them up anyway!

The Incredibles family.

I was doing the pose but I felt stupid so I stopped before Steve could take the photo.

Steve is apparently quite happy about the upcoming release of Toy Story 3. Terrible framing by me on this photo.

Steve, Erica and I.

Squee! Mike and Sulley.

I really wanted to pat Sulley but I’m fairly certain that would’ve gotten me booted out of the studio.


More Luxo. I bought myself a Luxo keyring which is the ball. Very cute.

Anyhoo… it’s time for me to check in for my flight so I can finally ditch my suitcase that I’ve been lugging around for hours now.

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