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What you missed this morning

Borrowing an idea from Wade @ Cycling Tips


I was forced into a week’s break from the bike by getting tonsillitis right before Christmas. But that didn’t stop me from loading my bike into my car for my trip home to see the parents. Shepparton has some of the flattest, straightest roads in Victoria. Actually, I think it’s the flattest place in the state so it makes for some no-brainer riding. It also has some of the prettiest scenery (as illustrated by the photo). There’s just you, the road, the birds and the bloody annoying cross/head winds for half the ride. And maybe the thought running through your head: I wonder if there’s any snakes around?

Every cyclist I saw (all going the other way) waved hello. And the car drivers actually took care when they went went past me. Such a different experience to riding in Melbourne. Well, four kilometres from my parents place put me out in the middle of paddocks. 15 kms put me in the middle of orchards. So yeah, just a little different.