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Counting down…

So… 38 weeks. Feeling huuuuuuuuge!

38 weeks means it should be only two weeks to go. We shall see. However, it’s very rare that babies actually turn up on their due date so I have a feeling I’ll be going over (according to my mum I didn’t want to come out and was quite late).

But it’s okay – kinda – because my OB is on leave for ten days and won’t be back until two days before my due date. Being over isn’t necessarily a bad thing – except of the fact that I’m going to be really uncomfortable. Eh… that’s nothing new.

At least this is a temporary discomfort. It’s been seven months since the accident and my arm still hurts. Obviously nowhere near as much as it did but it kinda sucks to wake up every day and have it twinge and ache. And sometimes it just flat-out hurts. But apparently it’s all part of the process of my arm healing.

On the upside, I’ve made huge progress with my physical therapy. I have a very good physiotherapist who I’ve been seeing weekly for about four months now courtesy (mostly) of TAC. I can lift my arm above my head to nearly the same point as my right, undamaged arm. Sideways I can nearly get to the maximum reach point but it still hurts when it gets above my shoulder. Backwards reach is still not great and it hurts but really, how much do you need that particular motion? I can dress myself so there’s not much point getting worked up about. It’ll either come back or it won’t. I was told that I would never recover 100% mobility so I guess the backwards reach is it for me.

When I reach sideways, I can feel it pop and creak so there’s still a fair amount of weakness in my shoulder which will only ever be fixed by me doing exercises – of which I have plenty. It’s more important at the moment that I focus on being able to lift things up as very soon I’ll be lifting a little person who’s only going to get heavier. So I guess she’ll be helping with my rehab.

There is only one small upside to breaking my arm. It’s made me realise that labour won’t be anywhere as scary as it’s made out to be. After all, I went through four weeks of severe pain with nothing to show for it except a dodgy arm. At least with childbirth, it’s worthwhile. There will be this amazing little person who will make it worthwhile. It also won’t last anywhere near as long 😉

It’s suddenly a bit more real now

We had a growth scan on Friday and for once she didn’t spend the whole time turning away from the scanner. So we got to see her face. It’s getting a bit squashy in there so it’s hard to judge what she actually looks like. But she has perfect, pouty lips. We could see those clearly.

She’s currently measuring in the 80% growth percentile. The one thing that is worrying me a little is that she apparently has a big head, which could make labour… uh… interesting. But, of course, all the measurements in scans are mostly best guesses so I’m hoping her head measurement isn’t actually accurate.

Not long now – five more weeks – and we’ll get to see her for real.

Squishy little face. D’awwwww!


This is me at 32 and bit weeks pregnant.

I gotta say being pregnant is one of the strangest things I’ve ever been through. Probably the oddest thing is watching my stomach move on its own, sometimes quite energetically.

Less keen on the having to pee all the time, including multiple times at night. Preggie brain might not be real but the interrupted sleep and insomnia certainly is and that’s not good for optimal brain activity. Also not so keen on the indigestion either. It started about a week after the morning sickness stopped so I didn’t really get a break at all from feeling crappy.

Everything is getting that little bit harder. It’s harder to get out of bed, it’s hard to roll over in bed. It’s getting harder to get off the couch. I feel slow, heavy and awkward (even though I still weigh less than I did when I got really fat). My centre of gravity is wacky and I haven’t even bothered to try to get on my step-thru in two weeks now. I bump my bump into things all the time because I’m still not used to it.

To be honest, I’m kinda over it. I’m tired so much of the time. My feet hurt from the extra weight. I had terrible pain in my knees for a few weeks because my gait changed (but a round of acupuncture helped with that). I miss being able to ride my bike(s). I miss being able to move freely. I miss being able to get up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. I miss my fitness, I miss having a body of my own because right now I’m not an “I”, I’m a “we”. There’s two of us in here and she’s pretty much in charge.

I feel like I’ve lost a lot of autonomy. My whole world at the moment is about her, trying to make sure she’s healthy and growing. So, of course, I wonder who I am. Am I me any more? Who will I be once she’s out in the world? I know I won’t be the same as I was but I don’t know who I’ll become either. It’s like being in stasis. I’m waiting to see what happens next.