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Master at work

I’ve had this up on my various folios for awhile now and I’m still really pleased with it. For once, the depth of field and the lighting are spot on and your eye is drawn to the centre of the photo as it should be. Lightroom helps with the post-production but I know it’s a good photo without it.

It’s a reminder of all the things I love: comic books, my American peeps, illustration, the joy that’s in creating a piece of art and that on occasion I’ve got it in me to take a great photo.

Atlas shrugged

Never read the book but it makes for a great title.

I’m here

My laptop is telling me it’s 10.48 Monday morning but it’s actually around 6pm Sunday here. So I’m feeling a bit disorientated and my stomach is having a grumble.

I didn’t really sleep on the plane (dozed for about two hours) so I conked out at about 2pm and slept for four hours.

Check-in at Melbourne and customs at LAX was pretty awful. At LAX, three planes essentially arrived at the same time and it appeared that they’d seriously underestimated how many people there would be. So we queued. And queued. And queued some more. But in the queue, I had my first star sighting. Guy Pierce! Lined up with the rest of us smucks. When I finally made it through and was out on the other side, I was so, so pleased to see Jackie standing in a Tim Sale Emerald City Comic Con t-shirt. Jackie, Jake and their adorable son, Daniel are my incredibly generous hosts while I’m in Los Angeles.

Anyway, I’m here. I’ve seen the Pacific from the other side. And I got to see the dawn at 30,000 feet.

Today’s photo:

A mono-rail station at downtown Disneyland.

Nine lives

photo title: Nine lives

I’m going through a creative lull at the moment so I’ve been flicking through some of my older photos. And on occasion I find something I like. Not sure why I didn’t pick this photo the first time around. I like the tilt of her head and her face in sharply in focus unlike some of my other Catwoman photos. There’s another shot I like as well but the background is proving particularly problematic and I haven’t found a solution I like for it as yet.

Anyhoo… only 12 days until I go. Very excited. I’m starting to think about things like packing so I can weight my suitcase and what I actually want to take with me. It feels a little surreal, I’ve been planning this for so long and now it’s almost here. My brother has started asking me how many days to go when he sees me. Actually, I think I’m also excited because I get two weeks off work. I think I’m already in holiday mode because I find myself not caring about any of the projects I’m supposed to working on. Oops. Can’t help it though. It’s my first overseas trip so it’s natural that I’m going to be a little excited.

It’s just a pity the Aussie dollar has tumbled against the American one so I’m losing more cash than I thought I would. But I keep telling myself it’s nowhere near as bad as it was a few years ago when I would’ve lost half my savings in the currency conversion. As it was, I only lost $300. Could’ve been a lot worse. I’m hoping that the dollar will rally and I’ll get more bang for my buck when I do my second conversion.

And I still haven’t bought any sunscreen, a second sketchpad, power plug adaptor, tim tams or the majority of the things I had on my list.

The way out is through

photo of snake walkway melbourne

I’ve been flicking through some of my old photos and I found at least one that I thought deserved an outing. I probably ignored it when I took it because I didn’t know how to do what I wanted to do to it. I’ve got Lightroom now and I’ve discovered a whole new world of post-processing.

The state of Kelly’s heart

I bought a scarecrow action figure that’s based on a Tim Sale design today and I’m looking forward to photographing it. It’s so creepy looking. I can’t wait to hit it with some good harsh lighting and see what comes out.

Have own hosting, will set up WordPress


Upgrading did the trick and now I’ve got a spiffy new theme that I’ve tweaked within an inch of its life as is my way. If you’re curious about the photo (which of a Batman action figure from Matt Wagner’s Trinity comic), it’s one I took and looks like this in its usual form.

Haunted Knight

Anyhoo, I’m still ironing out the kinks with this blog and figuring out how it all works. But I’m sure it’ll be fun and I’ll acquire some new skills.

I’ve set this blog up so I can share my holiday experiences in a fashion that I want to. I could’ve done the easy thing and set up one on the many blogging sites that are around these days but no, I had to do it myself. My hosting plan isn’t supposed to include a database but they were nice enough to let me have one. The perks of being a long-time customer I suppose.

My trip is short, only nine days and I wish it was as longer but I’m just glad to be going at all. I leave Australia’s fair shores for America on September 21 and come back on September 29. It’s my first time overseas and I’m just a little excited. America was never my first choice for a overseas trip but the whole comic book obsession intervened and I’m heading there for the Baltimore Comic Con. Apart from Baltimore, I’ll be spending a few days in California before heading to Washington DC then onto Baltimore. Lets see how much I can squeeze in – plenty I hope. I’m going to be meeting a bunch of people from the Tim Sale forum I frequent, including the man himself and Matt Wagner. I’m hoping to come back with a few commissions from a few of my favourite comic book artists.