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New York! New York! New York?

Three New Yorks doesn’t really work but I’m sticking with my theme.

We visited The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). It was packed but worth the visit. They have The Starry Night which, of course, was extremely popular so I only managed to spend a few minutes looking at it before all the camera flashes drove me away. It was wonderful though. They also has some stunning Monets but I was very disappointed in their single Lichtenstein painting on display. I was hoping for more. After all, Roy Lichtenstein worked out of New York for all of his career and I would’ve thought MoMA would’ve had a few more paintings on display.

The Cindy Sherman exhibition surprised me. I’ve never been a fan of her work but it was easily my favourite thing that we viewed. It was amazing to see one artist change her physical appearance so much for her portraiture. There was also a wonderful display of photos by a turn of the century French photographer, Eugène Atget.

The other cool thing was a real helicopter suspended in a floor to ceiling space.

Open umbrella
Your average, run-of-the-mill umbrella right?

Inside of umbrella which is printed to look like a blue sky with clouds
Ta-dah!! This is my new umbrella, bought from the MoMA store. It might be raining but under my brolly it’s all blue sky and fluffy clouds.

New York! New York!

Day two in New York. This involved lots of walking. Lots and lots of walking.

Today we took in:
The Lego Store,
The Rockefeller Centre,
M&Ms World,
Time Square,
Lunch in Hell’s Kitchen (I looked for Daredevil but didn’t see him),
The Empire State Building (but we didn’t go in),
and two bike shops – of which I got the street wrong for the second one and made us walk an extra two blocks that we didn’t need to.

But now I’m set for bike gloves for quite a while which is good. I also got some waterproof shoe covers for all the riding I intend on doing this winter in preparation for Amy’s Grand Fondo in September. We’ll see just how waterproof they are.

Millennium Falcon made from Lego
Lego Han and Chewie in the cockpit of a Lego Millennium Falcon.

Joker, Batman and Green Lantern Lego figures
Before anyone asks, no, I didn’t buy a Batman. The Joker, Batman and Green Lantern action figures made by Lego.

Batmobile made from Lego
Batmobile made from Lego.

Fountain at the Rockefeller Centre
The fountain at the Rockefeller Centre.

Ice skaters performing at the Rockefeller Centre
There was an ice skating performance at the Rockefeller Centre but I have no clue what it was meant to be about.

Carving over one of the doors to the Rockefeller Centre
Carving above one of the entrances to the Rockefeller Centre.

American flag

M&Ms monopoly
Coming under the heading of “now I’ve seen everything” – M&Ms Monopoly.

Times Square
Times Square

The Empire State Building
The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building
The Empire State Building, again.

New York!

Okay, I’m a little less intimidated by New York than I was yesterday. Yes, the scale of it is massive but really, it’s just another city with people living in it. Lots and lots of people.

Today’s amblings took in:
Central Park,
The Guggenheim,
Two trips on the subway,
World Trade Centre (but we didn’t go into the memorial – queue was way too long),
Battery Park,
and believe it or not, a hotdog from one of those stands.

Squirrel in Central Park
Yup, it’s a squirrel and it’s in Central Park.

Open carriage ride in Central Park
People taking a carriage ride in Central Park.

Black and white photo of grape vines
What I think are grape vines growing over a walkway.

People rowing boats on one of the lakes in Central Park
Row, row, row your boat…

City skyline from Central Park

Part of the roof of the Guggenheim Museum
Part of the roof of the Guggenhiem.

Out of the front of the Guggenhiem

Part of the skylight and spiral walkway of the Guggenhiem
Part of the skylight and the spiral walkway of the Guggenhiem.

The skylight of the Guggenhiem
The skylight of the Guggenhiem.

Umbrella with New York written on it

New York street signs

New York skyline from Central Park

New York skyline from Battery Park

The new tower being built at the WTC site
This is the new tower that’s being built at the WTC site.

Statue of Liberty

Woman dressed up as the Statue of Liberty
I think this is about as close as I’m going to get to the Statue of Liberty 😉

My feet ended up being really, really wet

So, day three of Emerald City Comic Con and this time we deliberately slept in and missed the whole queuing up thing. I had pretty much gotten everything I wanted so there seemed little point in getting up early and rushing down to the convention centre.

We actually spent hardly any time at all at the con. It was decided to do the Seattle Underground Tour and get a little local history. For example, I didn’t know that Seattle burnt down in 1889 or that the term “Skid row” has its origins in the American English lexicon in the area (originally it was Skid Road as workers would chop down trees at the top of the cliffs surrounding Seattle and skid them down to the docks). I also didn’t know that the hills originally had a gradient of 49%. Try riding up those suckers!!

However, on the way to the tour it started to pour with rain and we got thoroughly soaked. I discovered that my new sneakers, whilst being quite water resistant, are definitely not waterproof and I had to squish my way through the tour with wet feet. It’s been awhile since I’ve been quite that cold.

This has been my first trip to Seattle where it’s rained so I suppose I should really count myself as fortunate. I do love Seattle though. It’s a wonderful city and I’ve enjoyed all my visits there. Plus this time I discovered the joy of the crepe shop right out of the front of the convention centre (last crepe from them was a lemon and sugar one – om nom nom nom nom nom).

Monday was lost to travel. We got up obscenely early (4am!) to get on a 7am flight to New York. It appears that the majority of direct flights to New York are either red eyes (no!!) or this early in the morning. This means that the Seattle airport is horrendously busy at a time when you would think it would be quiet. The queue to get through security was huge and we ended up getting to our gate at about 6:15am even though we’d been at the airport since 5am. Luckily we’d been warned to be there early.

New York is intimidating. It’s a city on a simply massive scale and it makes all Australian cities look like small country towns in comparison. And my, do New Yorkers love their car horns! That old joke of the smallest measurement of time being the time between the light turning green and someone leaning on their horn? It’s true!