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Dinner at Von’s and Tim Sale forum get together

Friday night a few of us got together to have dinner at Von’s. We were a little rowdy but it was loads of fun.

Kelly doing strange things to his glass of beer whilst Jared looks on.

Jen and Rich

Trina and Kelly, my two favourite Canadians

Trina and I doing the hold the camera out in front of you photo

Doing the same with Jen

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for the “official” Tim Sale forum get together. I meet the Arizona crew for the first time 🙂 Barry Kitson also put in an appearance which was fun.

The three minute sketches kick off

Tim working on my Commissioner Gordon sketch

All the completed sketches. I was going to take on from the other end but they started cutting it up before I got a chance to. It was a really long piece of paper.