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And now for a review (of sorts) for The Dark Knight Rises

Sooooo… The Dark Knight Rises.

Before anyone asks, yes, I did cry at the end. Balled my eyes out for the last 15 minutes and had to stay right to the end of the credits to get myself in order. However, I’m actually finding it really hard to get my thoughts in order about the film. I can’t even decide if I really did like it or not because the emotional investment I have in the trilogy and Batman overhangs it all. Still, I do think it was an appropriate ending to the trilogy and I’m happy with how it concluded. My impressions so far are that I think the film was good but the first hour was a bit slow. It took awhile for it to gain momentum but once it got there it was pretty full-on. I think a second viewing will be most helpful in me working out what I think about the film.

I don’t need clarity on two things though.

Anna Hathaway totally rocks at Selina Kyle/Catwoman. She got it just right. Plus, I really like the fact that she was nearly as tall as Batman (I think the super high boots helped a lot!). The other is that I think The Dark Knight is the superior film – probably because Heath Ledger’s Joke was such an mind-bogglingly good performance. Don’t get me wrong, Bane made for a most excellent villain but Tom Hardy got nowhere near the heights of Heath Ledger. Still love Tom Hardy though. He was so good in Inception.

Comics references in the film are Knightfall and No Man’s Land. One of the fight scenes in the film was pretty close to one that happens in Knightfall. Usually I would link to the wikipedia entries but this time I’m not going to. It’ll give too much away for those who haven’t read them already. But I recommend No Man’s Land. It made for some great reading 🙂

A moment of sentiment

I remember sitting on the couch when I finally turned the last page of The Wake, the last book in The Sandman series and feeling bereft. I had become very emotionally invested in the story and characters, especially Morpheus. So when it all came to end and there was nothing else to read, I really did wonder what I was supposed to do in a world where there was no more Sandman to read. (Imagine my delight when I watched this.)

But this isn’t meant to be an entry about the joy that is The Sandman. No, the little story above is meant to be an illustration of how I’m feeling right now because I’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises.

Once again, I’m feeling rather bereft.

There’s no more Christopher Nolan Batman movies. It’s done. Finished. Concluded. And I once again find myself wondering what I’m going to do now that there’s no more new Batman films to watch.

I know there are plenty of people out there who will think I’m very weird for having such a huge emotional investment in a comic book character. It’s an odd thing for a girl to do. I’m supposed to be obsessed with hand bags and shoes but not this little black duck. Nope, I spend a lot of my disposable income on comic books.

Batman Begins came out about a year after I’d been through a horrible, hideously painful break-up of an eight year relationship. I was kidding myself that I was okay but I really wasn’t. I was stuck doing all the things I’d done before and I really wasn’t moving on from my now very dead relationship. I saw the film at the movies, like it but I didn’t really think about it that much again until it came out on DVD. That’s when the obsession started. I watched the movie repeatedly, sometimes several times a week. Then I watched all the documentaries on the disc and heard Chris Nolan talking about the comics he’d been inspired by. Being an obsessive little fan at this point, I decided I had to read them.

Within the space of about three months I had read all of the major Batman storylines from the last twenty years (and bought them all). And I had started collecting comics.

All because I saw a movie.

The significance of this is that it’s the first thing I did on my own after “the break-up”. For such a long time, I only thought about the wreckage of my relationship. I obsessed about it, wondering what I did wrong. But suddenly there were Batman comics. Stories, writers and artists to discover. Instead of living in the past, I was discovering new things. Because of Batman Begins, I now have friends all over the world, a brilliant art collection and have been to America four times. So you’ll have to forgive me if I’m more than a little sentimental about Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy coming to an end. It gave me life back and helped me move on.

I shall give the final word to Matt Wagner. One of my favourite comics is his story called Trinity. He set it in the early periods of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman’s crime fighting careers. It’s such a great example of everything that’s wonderful about comics and Batman.


Wonder Woman confronts Superman after yet another for her infuriating meeting with Batman (who she’s decided she really doesn’t like).

Wonder Woman: Why?

Superman: What?

Wonder Woman: Why do you allow him to continue like this? Don’t his methods make him little better than the very criminals he pursues?

Superman: I know. I felt that way once. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re both orphans. I had the benefits of a foster family, but Batman had to grow up on his own. But more important… I know his courage. I’ve seen him throw himself in harm’s way time and time again, all to rescue the lives of the innocent.


Superman: And remember, he’s got no extraphysical prowess like you and I.


Superman: I can’t find it in myself to deny the exercise of such bravery. Even if I don’t always agree with his style. In fact, I often wonder if I were an ordinary man, would I show the same valour?

Tree project

Week sixteen

Perhaps it’s time I did a time-lapse thing…

Nah, I’m gonna lie on my couch and watch Batman: Under the Red Hood again. Best of the DC animated movies thus far. I’m trying to remind myself why I’m getting the Batman comics when the return of Bruce Wayne storyline was so crap. Grant Morrison really needs someone to say no to him on occasion. And an editor. The one shots were pretty good though – probably because Morrison didn’t write them.

Bought myself a present

Unpublished page from Fears and Mr Sale is going to ink it for me 🙂

Well, I say bought but what I mean is put on lay-by (layaway) so I can pay it off over time. Then it’ll go to Tim who will turn it into yet another masterpiece – not that it isn’t already one.

Tree project

Week ten

Today has been so gorgeous. Hopefully tomorrow is just as nice.

I’m making my way through Batman: the animated series and I have to say Pamela Isely/Poison Ivy is really disturbing. There’s something very creepy about a person (even an animated one) who hugs a plant and calls it her baby. Way creepy!!

I’ve also just read the last issue of Batman and Robin that I have and it didn’t make any sense. But it is Grant Morrison so what was I expecting. I’m very meh about the Batman titles at the moment. Mostly I’m finding them really obtuse and I’m struggling to follow the storylines. Kinda disappointing when it was Batman who got me into comics in the first place.

Sunday – ECCC

Very slow start to the morning as the boys and I dragged our feet. Everyone was still tired, even after a few hours sleep. It switched to daylight savings overnight so we lost an hour.

We switched hotels and made our way to the convention centre for day two. We ambled on in and immediately noticed that it wasn’t as crazy busy as it had been the day before. Definitely more laid-back. And the particular nerd funk that occurs during cons wasn’t as strong as the day before. I know some people can’t help it but jeez, could they at least have some deodorant with them? On Saturday it was really bad. You’d walk past a group of guys in line for someone and nearly be bowled over by the smell. There are some nerds who really need to work on their personal hygiene.


I shall be going home with 13 pieces, significantly less than last year but that’s okay as I got some pretty sweet stuff. (And well, I did spend a lot more before I’d even gotten to the con.)

So I have:
1. Joelle Jones – Dr Horrible
2. Chris Moreno – Batman
3. Moritat – Nightwing
4. Dean Trippe – Batgirl
5. Dustin Nguyen – Nightwing
6. Derek Fridolfs – Batgirl
7. Alex Maleev – Daredevil
8. Phil Hester – Nightwing
9. Phil Hester – Green Arrow
10. Green Arrow Issue Eight Page Eleven
12. Green Arrow Issue Eight Page Twelve

and this:


I finally have my Tim Sale Batman and I’m overjoyed at how well it came out. It goes without saying that the photos don’t do it justice.

Dinner with Tim, Jared and Brian. That was when Tim put the finishing touches to the page. At one point he was slathering the ink on and I was thinking “Noooo! It’s going to be too dark!!!” but of course Tim knows far better than I.

Some photos from Saturday

The splash page from Superman/Batman that I bought. The print you can see on the left is the one I got.

Dustin Nguyen working on my Batman head sketch

Tim working on the first Claire ink wash of the day.

Riley Rossmo doing his thing.

A very intensely focused Adam Hughes. The piece was a character I didn’t recognise.

A shot of Barry Kitson taken when I was sitting on the floor.

Adam Hughes with Jared’s “The Dude” commission.

And finally…

The Bat Family. I’m assuming it’s Batwoman and not Batgirl because Barb Gordon had a cowl head piece like Batman’s (which always made me wonder exactly how you could see her hair) and Cassandra Cain wears a mask that covers her whole face. But I could be wrong. Maybe it’s a TV version of Batgirl (because we don’t speak of that movie).

I have poor impulse control


Because I just bought…

The last few weeks haven’t been the best for me so I decided I deserved a treat. And it is almost xmas. But it’s not all about pleasing my ID because I’ll be paying it off over the next two months. Two months waiting for my latest Tim Sale pretty. Sigh. Money is going to be unbelievably tight but I’ll just have to be more careful about what I squander, I mean, spend my disposable income on in the next few months.

I wonder if I ask nicely enough if he’ll ink it for me.

Have own hosting, will set up WordPress


Upgrading did the trick and now I’ve got a spiffy new theme that I’ve tweaked within an inch of its life as is my way. If you’re curious about the photo (which of a Batman action figure from Matt Wagner’s Trinity comic), it’s one I took and looks like this in its usual form.

Haunted Knight

Anyhoo, I’m still ironing out the kinks with this blog and figuring out how it all works. But I’m sure it’ll be fun and I’ll acquire some new skills.

I’ve set this blog up so I can share my holiday experiences in a fashion that I want to. I could’ve done the easy thing and set up one on the many blogging sites that are around these days but no, I had to do it myself. My hosting plan isn’t supposed to include a database but they were nice enough to let me have one. The perks of being a long-time customer I suppose.

My trip is short, only nine days and I wish it was as longer but I’m just glad to be going at all. I leave Australia’s fair shores for America on September 21 and come back on September 29. It’s my first time overseas and I’m just a little excited. America was never my first choice for a overseas trip but the whole comic book obsession intervened and I’m heading there for the Baltimore Comic Con. Apart from Baltimore, I’ll be spending a few days in California before heading to Washington DC then onto Baltimore. Lets see how much I can squeeze in – plenty I hope. I’m going to be meeting a bunch of people from the Tim Sale forum I frequent, including the man himself and Matt Wagner. I’m hoping to come back with a few commissions from a few of my favourite comic book artists.