I have travel insurance

I finally got my travel insurance. Yay me. Now people can stop asking me about it.

And seeing I’ve decided I’m taking my laptop, I have a sexy new Crumpler laptop bag. I checked out sleeves and they cost around $60. So I decided to spent an extra $20 and got a “Reginald Transfer” with handles and a shoulder strap. It fits my laptop perfectly and I went the green even though I have a red backpack and suitcase. Going to clash horribly!

Only one month and two weeks until I get to use it for the purpose it was bought for. Hoorah!

Oh… and I got some more mini-moo cards featuring five of my Long Halloween action figure photos and five of my Trinity action figure photos. Fingers crossed they come out okay and I got everything on the back of the card right.

Things to get for my trip

1. Travel insurance.
2. Power plug adaptor.
3. Sleeve for laptop. I’ve decided I am going to take it with me.
4. A few packets of TimTams. Those yanks are going to learn how to suck milk/coffee/alcohol of choice through a timtam!
5. Vegemite. If I’m having toast, I’m going to want vegemite.
6. A variety of lollies, chocolates and sweet things to give away.
7. Chocolate coated macadamia nuts.
8. Some new moo mini-cards featuring my action figure photos. Might actually drum up some sales.
9. Sketchpad.
10. Presents for my generous hosts (still working on exactly what they’ll be).
11. Bigger memory card for camera.

Everything’s blue in this world

photo title: everything's blue in this world

Much to my surprise, this is a minimally edited photo. I tweaked the exposure down one step to remove some of the white burn in the corners but it really did come out of the camera that blue. And many thanks to Trent Reznor for such a great title. It’s a lyric from a NIN song but I have no idea which one.

The way out is through

photo of snake walkway melbourne

I’ve been flicking through some of my old photos and I found at least one that I thought deserved an outing. I probably ignored it when I took it because I didn’t know how to do what I wanted to do to it. I’ve got Lightroom now and I’ve discovered a whole new world of post-processing.

And now we have…


I’m still not 100% sure about it. I think I blew out the white too much but the hands look really cool and I like to think I captured a little of why scarecrows are so damn creepy. Not being able to see his face makes you start filling in the details and there could be anything under that big, pointy hat.

Fandom gone too far?

I know so many people who have themed sketchbooks or a particular character they request from comic book artists when they’re at a con. Well, I’m having a totally crazy theme idea for a sketchbook for my trip to Baltimore (and any other future cons I get to): Doctor Who. Specifically, David Tennant’s Doctor. I’d obviously have to get some reference pictures because most of the artists aren’t going to know who he is but I think it could be a brilliant idea. And it combines two of my loves – Doctor Who and comic books.

The state of Kelly’s heart

I bought a scarecrow action figure that’s based on a Tim Sale design today and I’m looking forward to photographing it. It’s so creepy looking. I can’t wait to hit it with some good harsh lighting and see what comes out.

It dawned on me

I was watching the news last night and they had a story about the abolition of the law that prohibits hand gun ownership in Columbia. The reporter was standing out the front of what I think was the Supreme Court in Washington DC and it dawned on me that in a few months I’ll be seeing that for real.

Have own hosting, will set up WordPress


Upgrading did the trick and now I’ve got a spiffy new theme that I’ve tweaked within an inch of its life as is my way. If you’re curious about the photo (which of a Batman action figure from Matt Wagner’s Trinity comic), it’s one I took and looks like this in its usual form.

Haunted Knight

Anyhoo, I’m still ironing out the kinks with this blog and figuring out how it all works. But I’m sure it’ll be fun and I’ll acquire some new skills.

I’ve set this blog up so I can share my holiday experiences in a fashion that I want to. I could’ve done the easy thing and set up one on the many blogging sites that are around these days but no, I had to do it myself. My hosting plan isn’t supposed to include a database but they were nice enough to let me have one. The perks of being a long-time customer I suppose.

My trip is short, only nine days and I wish it was as longer but I’m just glad to be going at all. I leave Australia’s fair shores for America on September 21 and come back on September 29. It’s my first time overseas and I’m just a little excited. America was never my first choice for a overseas trip but the whole comic book obsession intervened and I’m heading there for the Baltimore Comic Con. Apart from Baltimore, I’ll be spending a few days in California before heading to Washington DC then onto Baltimore. Lets see how much I can squeeze in – plenty I hope. I’m going to be meeting a bunch of people from the Tim Sale forum I frequent, including the man himself and Matt Wagner. I’m hoping to come back with a few commissions from a few of my favourite comic book artists.

Hey look! It’s a first post

My mum asked if I’d be have a travel blog like my brother did while he was away. I decided I had to go one better and set up my own blog. So here ’tis. After much messing about, breaking it and upgrading it, I think it’s finally arrived.

Go team me.

Now to work out how to successfully apply a theme… But that’s for after I watch at least one episode of Life on Mars series two.