And I’m home

It was an eventful trip home in some respects. It started off in an interesting fashion. We were bussed to our plane. The driver was a little scary, braking really suddenly and taking corners too quickly. Everyone boarded and we proceeded to sit and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. We waited on the runway for at least half an hour before being allowed to depart. Very annoying.

The flight itself was very uneventful but that’s what you want when you’re in a jumbo jet crossing the pacific ocean. Took to me about six hours to watch The Dark Knight because I kept falling asleep. I also watched Twilight and was left thinking Stephanie Myers has some serious issues. There’s something about that movie that makes me feel deeply uncomfortable but I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s got to do with Bella’s attitude towards, well, everything. Anyhoo… there were some dips and bumps but on the whole it was a turbulence-free flight.

I managed to get off the plane pretty quickly and cruised through the first customs point. After this it all went a bit pear-shaped. My bag took ages to be unloaded so I ended up waiting for it for a good twenty minutes. Then the queue to get our bags scanned was enormous. My bag finally got scanned and something in it pinged the machine. I had to open my suitcase and a strange man proceeded to rummage through my belongings. Oh joy!

I got into a cab pretty quickly and started searching through my backpack for my house keys but only to not find them. I emptied my laptop bag as well, thinking maybe I’d put them in there. But I came up empty-handed. They definitely weren’t in my suitcase. At this point I’m thinking I’d left them somewhere in America. The taxi arrived at my house and the taxi driver popped the boot but didn’t get out of the cab to get my suitcase out. I struggled to get it out and, of course, dropped a 25 kilo bag on my left foot.

At the front door I rang the doorbell, hoping beyond hope that someone was home. Nope. So, what’s a girl to do? I burst into tears. Jetlagged out of my mind, my foot throbbing with pain and locked out of my house – I think that’s a reasonable reaction. I called my brother, who unfortunately is in Sydney but did his best to calm me down. He made the reasonable suggestion of going to see if our neighbours (and owners of our house) were in their garage, even though they didn’t answer when I knocked on their front door. I pulled myself together and trundled around to the back to find them in their garage. I have never been so glad to see my garage door rise and discover that the back door was unlocked.

It turned out I hadn’t picked up my house keys when I ran out the door to go to the airport, I’d left them behind on the bench. D’oh!

So yeah, it wasn’t exactly a smooth homecoming for me. The rest of the trip had been just brilliant so something had to go wrong at the end because that’s just the way it is.

I had so many great experiences and there are so many people who made sure I had great time. I wish my life could be more like it was when I was away but it’s just not realistic. It’s not “real” life, it’s a wonderful step away from all the responsibilities. Still, it’s great to know it’s something I can experience again and that it’ll be different each time. It’s a huge reminder to why I stay at my job, why I save money and why I dream of doing more with my life. This is the more I want.

Anyhoo… I should push off. I’m trying to find a storage folio that’ll fit my pages as well as a place where I can get them scanned. It’s proving to be more difficult then I thought it would.

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