Sarah’s head jerked upright.


It was the first sound she’d heard in hours apart from her own breathing.


Now it was behind her.


There was something vaguely threatening about the noise. Her heart raced as she realised it was switchblade being repeatedly snapped into place.


Sarah’s blindfold irritated her nose but she couldn’t scratch because her hands were tied behind her back. She licked her lips and focused on the sound.


Her back screamed for relief from the position she was in. Her neck had cramped hours earlier and had become a dull throb. She frowned and tried to piece together what had happened. She had been walking to her car after work when someone had grabbed her from behind. A needle had been roughly shoved into her arm and the next thing she knew she was tied to a chair, blindfolded. Her arm ached from where the needle had gone in and she longed to rub it.


She tried to speak but no words came out. Her mouth was so dry. She tried again. “Hello?” The words came out as a hoarse whisper. Sarah strained to hear any movement around her. She heard the scuffing of shoes on the concrete floor.


A sigh. It was close to her left ear. She shivered.

“Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.” She followed the voice as it moved around her. “You’re so beautiful Sarah.” Another sigh close to her face. She smelt a faint sickly sweet scent as footsteps walked around her.


A tear slipped down her face. “Please don’t…” she whispered.

“Please don’t what, Sarah? What do you want, Sarah? Do you want to see Sarah? Would you like to get up, Sarah?” A hand wrapped itself around her throat and forced her head back. Tears soaked into Sarah’s blindfold.

“Please don’t…” she sobbed. Sarah could feel breath on her face then the grip on her neck was released. Her head fell forward and she sobbed uncontrollably.

“Don’t what, Sarah? Why are you crying, Sarah?” The voice came close to her ear and whispered, “Are you afraid, Sarah?”

She tried to pull away. “Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?”

Sarah’s head rocked backwards from the force of the slap. “Learn this right now.” The blade of the knife pushed against her throat. “You are mine to do with as I please. I set the rules. You will do as I say.” The blade was removed as quickly as it had appeared. The voice whispered in her ear

“But Sarah, you shouldn’t be afraid. You’re so beautiful Sarah. Would you like to see Sarah?”

Sarah squinted as the blindfold was removed. She struggled to focus on the form in the glare. The human-shaped shadow moved closer to her and she realised who her captor was.

Sarah screamed.

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