New York!

Okay, I’m a little less intimidated by New York than I was yesterday. Yes, the scale of it is massive but really, it’s just another city with people living in it. Lots and lots of people.

Today’s amblings took in:
Central Park,
The Guggenheim,
Two trips on the subway,
World Trade Centre (but we didn’t go into the memorial – queue was way too long),
Battery Park,
and believe it or not, a hotdog from one of those stands.

Squirrel in Central Park
Yup, it’s a squirrel and it’s in Central Park.

Open carriage ride in Central Park
People taking a carriage ride in Central Park.

Black and white photo of grape vines
What I think are grape vines growing over a walkway.

People rowing boats on one of the lakes in Central Park
Row, row, row your boat…

City skyline from Central Park

Part of the roof of the Guggenheim Museum
Part of the roof of the Guggenhiem.

Out of the front of the Guggenhiem

Part of the skylight and spiral walkway of the Guggenhiem
Part of the skylight and the spiral walkway of the Guggenhiem.

The skylight of the Guggenhiem
The skylight of the Guggenhiem.

Umbrella with New York written on it

New York street signs

New York skyline from Central Park

New York skyline from Battery Park

The new tower being built at the WTC site
This is the new tower that’s being built at the WTC site.

Statue of Liberty

Woman dressed up as the Statue of Liberty
I think this is about as close as I’m going to get to the Statue of Liberty 😉

One Thought on “New York!

  1. Bruce on April 4, 2012 at 15:08 said:

    It is an awesome city, so much to do and take in. Glad to see you two are having fun there.

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