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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all those I love, near and far.

Tree project

Week fourteen

Tree project

Week thirteen

And ta-dah!!! New wheels.

Aren’t they awesome?

The obligatory arty-farty shoot taken using a retro camera app for my phone.

Tree project

Week twelve

I’m getting new wheels for my Cannondale. I’m rather excited. Spent $900 on Wiggle and I’m waiting for the email that says the package is on its way.

After my brother’s advice, I have purchased…
Easton EA90 SL wheelset
Shimano Ultegra 6700 cassette
Shimano Ultegra 6701 chain

And my finger might’ve accidentally slipped on the “add to cart” button when I was looking at these

An example of how my brain works…

My dad called me today whilst driving to a job for a chat. We got around to the topic of clients we do web hosting and site construction for and if he’d actually billed them finally. (Okay, so it was brought up by me cos I’d like the extra cash and I did do most of the leg work.) He promised me he’d bill them and once they’d paid and he’d taken out his share, pass the money onto me. It’s not a huge amount of money but is a decent-sized sum.

What am I planning to do with it?

Should I:
a) put the money into my savings account?
b) pay the money onto my credit card?
c) buy some new clothes and shoes for work?
d) fritter away the money on frivolous things like comics and dvds?

All these things would be a good and justifiable usage of the cash, especially options a and b (except option d of course). But no, I’m going to with option E…

e) buy a new set of wheels for my Cannondale.

I’ve even scoped out which ones I want. New wheels mean I can put my old Mavic Askims back on Lisa and totally ditch the crappy Shimanos. In my defence, I have been putting money away for a new set of wheels. Getting this money will just bring forward something I was planning to do anyway. It will also free up those saving to be just that – savings (until I decide to upgrade something else on my bike, like the group set). The scary thing is that I’m planning on spending more on a pair of wheels than most people would spend on an entire bike.

So this how my brain works now. Bike = #1 priority.