There are photos from today’s ride

Today I shall wear blue! Waiting at the starting line for the 54km ride.

And we’re off! See you in two and a half hours.

The ride went past my parents’ house with about 2.5kms to go so my dad was waiting out of the front for when I trundled by.

My whole body language in this photo is “Are we there yet?”

My brother and his girlfriend were waiting for me to finish which was extremely nice of them.

He tried to get a photo of me crossing the line but I got too far ahead so there’s no photo. Oh well.

Carol and I rode the second half of the ride together.

No wonder I feel so tired now.

Whoo-hoo!! I finished! Check out the crazy helmet hair.

The women hammering it out in their race of Scotty’s Criterium.

One of the men’s cat B riders zooming out of shot.

Two of the guys waiting near the starting line for their race.

So many pretties on display 🙂

Me messing about with the macro setting on my dad’s camera. I left mine at home.

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